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"The vocal performance of the night goes to Kiandra Howarth in the role of Fiordiligi. Seamless are her vocal leaps in ‘Come Scoglio’ and truly revealing of Fiordiligi’s internal conflict is her obbligato recitative ‘Ei parte’ and expressive rondo ‘Per pietà, ben mio’"


"Kiandra Howarth is a very beautiful Donna Anna with a somewhat metallic tone but sharp and powerful highs, perfectly translating the distress of her character with a constant nobility and succeeding a high-flying "No mi dir" to the untied and precise vocalise"


"Australian soprano Kiandra Howarth's Anna is one of those we will not forget. With a fleshy voice but capable of pianissimi the most tenuous, it expresses all the phases of anger and spite in love with a wealth of colours of a rare delicacy" 


"Kiandra Howarth shook the hall with her resonant soprano" 


"Kiandra Howarth is possessed of a spellbinding soprano that in its projection of a beautiful, light sound reveals a vast range of nuances"

October 2017

Opera Online

February 2017


August 2016

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